About Us


KAZA is a company that manufactures and sells original jewelry that is planned and designed in-house. Having acquired the exclusive manufacturing and sales rights for European brands, and from our experience in manufacturing and selling European brand jewelry in Japan, KAZA has placed the utmost importance on producing excellent design and high quality jewelry. KAZA aims to continue to create jewelry that will be loved for a long time, along with the memories of its users.

KAZA是一家生产和销售自主策划和设计的原创珠宝的公司。 获得了欧洲品牌的独家制造和销售权,并根据我们在日本制造和销售欧洲品牌珠宝的经验,KAZA 非常重视生产卓越设计和高品质的珠宝。 KAZA 的目标是继续创造人们长久喜爱的珠宝,并留下用户的回忆。